If you are an activist for a cause and you are looking for inexpensive ways of spreading the word about your cause or charity, you should consider finding ways of spreading the word without having to invest too much effort in to it while spending the least amount of money. Most activists are busy people with full time jobs and have very little time to invest in actually getting down to business so to speak but the truth is, you can create awareness about your cause while you are working, while you are shopping, while you are eating at a restaurant or even while you are at place of worship, if you are religious. Check this link to see more exciting digatal prints!

Branding yourself and your belonging

The best way to spread the word at all times without making too much of an effort to do so is by wearing branded clothing and branding your accessories and belongings. You can get a car wrap for your car with the message that you want to give out which will not cost you too much money when you consider how many people you will reach with the one-time expenditure. The difference between this kind of branding and mass printing leaflets and other printed media is that you will never really know what happens to your leaflet after you have given it out. You have to keep printing more and more leaflets when you run out but with car branding, you can just do it once and still reach thousands if not tens of thousands of people.

Another option which is cheaper but still just as effective is to get yourself a car sticker for your car. This will cost you a negligible amount of money but it will still do the job.

Alternatively or additionally, you can even get yourself a number of branded stickers with your message on them that you can wear when you go out to work, when you go out shopping to the supermarket or when you go to pick your child up from school. This way, you will be creating awareness but still getting about your day to day life in addition to doing your other awareness activities. You can even look in to social media advertising which has the potential to reach thousands of people with just the simple click of a button without having to invest any money in to it at all. You can even make a post go viral by making it interesting and exciting enough and having your friends and family share it.